Lake Sturgeon

Lake Sturgeon

Acipenser fulvescens

Unlike most fish, the body of the lake sturgeon is not covered with scales. Instead, there are five rows of large, bony plates on the top and sides of the body.

The lake sturgeon lives on the bottom of lakes and large rivers. It prefers shallow waters, where it moves slowly over sand, mud, and gravel, looking for food. The sturgeon’s small, toothless mouth is located on the underside of its head. In front of the mouth are four whiskers, or barbels. Around the outside of the mouth are taste buds. The whiskers and taste buds are used to locate food. When a sturgeon finds something tasty, it puckers its mouth and sucks in the food.

Lake sturgeons mate and spawn (lay eggs) in May and June. The eggs are sticky, and adhere to rocks and other solid objects underwater. The eggs hatch about a week after they are laid.

Lake sturgeons have a long life span. They can live to be 75 years of age or even older. But old, large lake sturgeons are very rare. Lake-sturgeon populations have been greatly reduced throughout most of the species’s range. Overfishing has been a major problem. People kill lake sturgeons for their meat and for their eggs, which are salted and called caviar. People have caught lake sturgeons faster than the species can reproduce itself. Dams and water pollution have also killed many of these creatures.

class: Bony fishes

order Sturgeons and paddlefishes

family: Sturgeons

length: up to 9 feet

weight: up to 70 pounds

diet: crayfish, mollusks, insects, and fish eggs

method of reproduction: egg layer

home: United States and Canada


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Aquarium and Fish Care How to Manual

Aquarium and Fish Care How to Manual

Catfishcatfish – Species Of Several Families With Elongated Sensory Barbells, A Scaleless Skin (sometimes With Bony Plates), Usually Bottom-dwelling. are good eating critters; as well, some of these fishfish – Collective Term (includes Molluscs And Crustaceans) For Any Aquatic Animal That Is Harvested. will gulp down other fish. Catfish is an all time favorite, yet few catfish are more difficult to maintain than other catfish are. Since many catfish are available, we will discuss a handful, or tank full to decide on the choice aquariumaquarium – An Enclosure, Such As A Glass Tank, Outfitted With Lifesupport Equipment For The Purpose Of Keeping Underwater Animals And Plants Alive. fish. Few of the choice catfish include the Black Spotted Corydoras. First, I want to say that aquarists purchase catfish, since these are the best fish for cleaning photosyntheticphotosynthetic – The Process By Which Organisms, Usually Plants, Use The Energy Contained In Light, Usually Sunlight. organisms (Algae) from tanks. Catfish will also cleanse the tank of debris, such as dead fish, etc. The spotted catfish comes from Venezuela and Guiana, which this particular specie grows to be 2 Ѕ inches in sizesize – The Adult Length Of A Fish In Sl. See Standard Length And Total Length.. The silvery fish has diminutive black spots over his body. Black Spotted Catfish are noted by the nap of his neck, which is shaped like a wedge, which the mark contrasts the black stripes around the head and eyes. The Black Spotted catfish has a good behavior, in that he will not assault, mistreat, or interfere with the life of other fish. Like the Bronze Corydoras catfish, the Black Spotted fish takes delight in Tubifextubifex – Tubificid Worms May Be Used As Fish Food. They May Be Fed Freeze-dried, Frozen Or Live. Care Must Be Taken When Feeding Live Tubifex Worms As They Are Notorious For Carrying Disease. If Too Many Are Released Into The Aquarium, They Will Establish Themselves In The Substrate And Detrimentally Impact Water Quality. and white worms. The fish will also dried foodstuffs.

The Peppered Corydoras listed in the Corydoras paleatus section comes from La Plata Basinbasin – An Extended Depressed Area Within The Sea Or A Continent. and Brazil. This fish grows 2 ѕ in size and has an olive brown colored body. The fish also has shadowy black marks over his body, which is small in count. This fish is commonly found with the Corydoras aeneus group. In summary, the catfish enjoys the same delights, as well as waterwater – The Great H2o, The Water Is The Basic Ingredient In Your Aquarium. Using Test Kits Will Rate Your Water. conditions and works to remove unwarranted debris and algae from tank water. This catfish is inbreedinginbreeding – When Close Relatives Mate. Examples. of the albino strains.

The Peppered catfish frequently moves his eyes appearing to watch onlookers’ stair at him. In addition, the Peppered catfish handles communal tank water well.

What he eats

Peppered Catfish feast on white worms, dried foods, and Tubifex.

Water conditions

Alkalinityalkalinity – The Ability Of Water To Maintain A Stable Ph. Controlled By The Amount Of Carbonate Ions Present In The Water. Also Called Buffering Capacity. See Kh. water is one of the Peppered Catfish choices, as long as the water conditioncondition – To Prepare Fish For Spawning. Example. is neutral. Hard water in moderation maintains a happy Peppered Corydoras Catfish. NaC1 as well as saltwater is not preferred by most Corydoras Catfish.

Kin to the Peppered Catfish is the Leopard Corydoras. The Leopard fish received its name in the early 1900s, by Steindachner; and is found in the Corydoras julii group.

The fish comes from the Lower Amazons, specifically near the Tributarytributary – A Stream Or River That Flows Into A Larger Stream Or River Or Into A Lake. regions. This catfish grows to 2 Ѕ inches in size. Leopard Catfish has a silver-gray frame, which crosses and is set off dark spotted stripes. The fish handles communal tank water just fine. His nature is peaceful. The fish prefers the same water conditions and feedingfeeding – Advice On What This Species Eats. See Carnivore,limnivore And Omnivore. as that of the other Corydoras Catfish species.


These particular species come from the northern and central parts of South America, which fit the category of armor catfish. The fish are familyfamily – A Term Used In The Classification Of Organisms. A Family Is Made Up Of Related Genera. to the Callichthyidae family. On the side of this, fish are several bony plates. In fact, most of the catfish’s body is protected by bony plates. The fish’s mouth is located beneath his flat head, which is encircled by wide rounded lips. This species is also called the sucking fish. Loricariidae Catfish is one of the all-time favorites, since the fish will feast on algae. The fish will remove algae from rocks, glass, plantsplants – Plants Come In Different Sizes And Shapes, You Can Use Plastic Or Real Plants. For More Details About Real Plants, Look At Tropica., etc. Aquarists should have one of these fish, since the species will cutback on your responsibilities to clean the tank. Still, you must clean the tank, since the

Loricariidae will not rid the tank of complete contaminants. He will however remove debris and algae too large degree.

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